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Media Accreditations

  • The accreditation pass is non-transferable;
  • The accreditation pass must be displayed in a clear and visible manner;
  • You shall comply with any and all applicable COVID-19 guidance, security rules and Ground Regulations;
  • A valid match ticket is required for entry into the venue seating bowl;
  • You consent to be filmed or photographed and grant the Tournament Organiser’s the right to use any such images and/or footage at its discretion without compensation;
  • You shall not, nor permit, any television or radio antenna, sign, advertisement, notice or other fixtures to be placed upon any part of the Venue(s) without the prior written consent of Tournament Organisers;
  • Recording and/or transmitting any video footage from within the Venue(s) is not permitted without the prior written consent of Tournament Organisers; and
  • Entry may be refused or withdrawn at the Tournament Organiser’s discretion;
  • Access to any media areas or mixed zones will be at the discretion of the organisers and or stadium staff